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How to Make Fishing Lures


Fish Scale Silicone Skirt Tabs

These 11 Fish Scale Skirt Tab are used to make Jigs skirts, Buzzbaits skirts , Spinner Bait skirts or any other lures you may have. Take these fishscale tabs and mix with Silicone Tab or Hot Tip Tab, to make one of a kind fishing skirt. You can make endless combinations to put on your own custom made lures or bass fishing lures. These wholesale fishing lure parts are (Sold in 10 tabs per color per bag). The Silicone Tab layers has 20 strands are just under 6" long and has 1⁄4" on each end that holds the strands together. A wide variety of colors and patterns are available. Get the Skirt Collars Here

Silicone Skirts Tabs
10 silicone Tabs Per Bag- $1.65
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