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How to Make Fishing Lures


Spinnerbait, Silicone Skirt Material - Fishing Lure Making

If you need skirts for lure making supplies or bulk fishing supplies for making your own silicone skirts or ready to use Silicone Skirt Material at wholesale prices we have them for bass jig, buzzbait, spinnerbait or for any other fishing lures you may have. They can also be use on saltwater lures. If you are looking for wholesale fishing lures we will adding more as time go's on.

Silicone Skirt Material


Silicone Tabs

bulk silicone skirt material

Fish Scale Silicone Tabs
Fishscale silicone skirt material

Hot Tip Silicone Tabs

Hot tips silicone skirt material

Skirt Collars
collars for silicone skirt material 

We also have premade silicone skirts

Put on lures like spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, jigs or any other lures you need a skirts. You can also use them on saltwater lures. Will be adding 1 color and 2 color skirts as soon as we can.

Hot Tip Silicone Skirts
Hot Tip Silicone Skirts

 Fish Scale Skirts

Fish Scale Silicone Skirt

2 Color Skirts




Spinnerbaits for Bass, musky muskie and Pike fishing

We have spinnerbaits for Bass, musky muskie and Pike fishing, in 148 colors in 5 sizes and all made in the USA.

Spinnerbait for Musky 

  1 oz. Spinnerbait
30 colors
1 oz. Spinnerbait

 3/4 oz. Spinnerbait
25 colors
3/4 oz. Spinnerbait

Spinnerbaits for Bass

Most bass fishermen use these spinnerbaits in size's - 1/4 oz.- 3/8 oz. and 1/2 oz. size's. 

  1/2 oz.
35 colors
1/2 oz. Spinnerbait

  3/8 oz.
28 colors
3/8 oz. Spinnerbait


3/8 oz. 4 Blade
30 colors
3/8 oz.Quad Blade Spinnerbait

1/4 oz. Spinnerbait


Spinnerbait, Best bass fishing lures  Spinnerbait best bass lures